ST3& Atom is a selection of packages for these two popular text editors by coders/programmers across the universe. The purpose is to evaluate and find the packages, which are recommended by comumnity. Installing new packages is straightforward for both editors and info can find at Package Control for Sublime Text and Atom Packages for Atom.

The packages are categorized into 7 categories for each text editor.

Language Specific

  • The packages that are designed for specific programming languages.

Code Completion

  • Code completion category is for packages with autocomplete packages, syntax linter and so on.

Code Display

  • This is the category for themes and syntax highlights and code display environment for specific language.


  • This package list is for integrations with third-party tool and softwares.


  • This is a package that customize text edtior’s interface and so on.

File Management

  • Packages to extend and enahnace file management inside text editors


  • Packages that don’t fit into any of the above categories.


Of course, this is a project that needs your contribution. You can help this project by:

  • Submit new packages and become a contributor
  • Enhance and suggest this project for new features by fork/request this project at github
  • Share this site if you find it useful

Gentle Reminder

This is not a directory of packages and so, there is a chance that your favourite package is not in the list. Package Control and Atom Packages do a good job on this.